Atlantis City Gwadar

Atlantis City Gwadar

Build A Dream House
By The Beach

Atlantis City Gwadar, the ultimate destination for building a home

The word Gwadar comes from two Balochi words – ‘Gwad’ meaning wind and ‘Dar’ translating to door or gateway. Put together, Gwadar means ‘The Gate of Wind,’ which sums up the very essence of living in Gwadar, a peaceful, pleasant, and prosperous region with a bright future, welcoming all investments with success.

Atlantis City Gwadar is a private housing scheme nestled between major roads in Gwadar, the “marine drive” on the beach-facing front and the “Gunz road” on the rear, making it an irresistible location.

Living here is synonymous with leading a luxury life that has walked straight out of your dreams.

Situated in the golden sands of Gwadar port city, offering a beach lifestyle with direct access to the seashore that is unparalleled in the entire region.

Till this day, the lost City of Atlantis is believed to be a place of magnificence. One that provided the highest standards of living along the sea. At Atlantis City Gwadar, we have put our best to mirror such brilliance.

Top that up with the amenities that we promise, and you have a home in paradise.

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